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Audio Visual

AUDIO VISUAL SECTION. Audio visual section endeavors to offer the following esteemed services to the members of the public:

Services to members of the public

  • Dissemination services
  • Referral services
  • Reformatting services
  • Preservation
  • Reprographic services

Audio visual archives at KNADS comprise:


  • Reel Films
  • Audio /Visual tapes
  • Optical media 
  • Transparencies (slides and negatives)
  • 15,000 Photographs
  • 4,000 Maps, plans and charts

Acquisition of Audiovisual Archives and Records. Most of these materials are sourced from public offices. However, in our custody are private collections of historical significance to the nation bequeathed or donated by individuals and non-governmental organisations e.g. CMS, Beecher, Binns, Binks, Jomo Kenyatta among others.

Access to Audio Visual Holdings The audio visual archives database and the materials can be accessed through the Search room.